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The Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size size (and later compact) car produced by Pontiac. The 1999-2005 generation is the final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am.

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How do I replace wheel bearings in my 2004 pontiac grand am

How do I replace wheel bnearings in my 2004 Pontiac Grand-Am

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cspearcy. for the front wheel bearing :"


Removal Procedure

1. Raise the vehicle. Refer to LIFTING AND JACKING THE VEHICLE in General Information.

2. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Refer to TIRE AND WHEEL REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION in Tires and Wheels.

3. Remove the wheel drive shaft nut. Refer to AXLE SHAFT .

4. Remove the brake rotor. Refer to BRAKE ROTORS .

5. Disconnect the ABS sensor harness connector from the retaining bracket and wiring harness.

6. Remove the hub and bearing assembly bolts.

7. Remove the hub and bearing assembly from the steering knuckle.

Block Image

And if you are more of a visual learner, check this video. Hope this helps, good luck.

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