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The Sony VAIO P series is a range of ultraportable subnotebook computers launched in January/February 2009.

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Is 2.5" SATA Hard Drive compatible with VAIO P?

I have a vaio p that runs with a regular hdd and i`m tired of waiting for 5 mins. boot up time... I`m planning to upgrade it to a SEAGATE 2.5`` SATA to make it run more faster but I don`t know if that is compatible with my laptop... does anybody know if that is compatible with my laptop??

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Hi, From what I see on the specs for your computer it has a SSD drive. Because of that I don't believe a SATA would fit and it certainly would not be faster. Here is the URL. Scan down to specs. Ralph


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Nice research +. Changing out that drive would only slow things down, that's a very nice drive.


This thread is 12 years old but I'm still commenting for future viewers that this information is wrong. There is an HDD in most VGN-P, and SSD models are very rare and were way more expensive (and the guy even says he has the HDD model). It is a ZIF 1.8" drive.


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according to this page http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=666 ,

i would dare to say, yes, drives are interchangeble. theyre both SATA connectors. anyways, if your specifications match those stated in post above, i would say, you have software problem. SSD drives are freaking fast. much faster then any old fashioned HDD's. try to do scandisk, defrag, or whatever your OS offers you to speed up booting time.

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This is wrong


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argh - seen this to late.

the drive won't fit!!

the vaio p uses 1,8 drives - so the 2,5 is way to large to fit in this tiny beauty.

not all vaio p's have ssd's - there are more with hd's than with ssd's

the main problem for the sloooow boot problem is the standard OS - it's vista and that makes it slow.

my vaio p is a dual boot with snow leopard and windows 7 - snow leopard boots in around 55 seconds and booting 7 will took 5 seconds more to get up.

(my vaio p dual booting)

here you will find a teardown of the vaio p

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I dont know Markus, if you google type of the disk present in Vaio P

(250GB Samsung MLC SSD), it will come up as 2.5" SATA SSD drive. i know, it looks too small to carry drive that big. that means, someone have made mistake, writing wrong infos down...

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The ssd/hdd is 1,8"

the interface is pata - so the speed of the sata will be not "that" fast (80-90MB/s)

the hdd models use a pata/zif and the ssd models a sata/pata/zif connector - if you have a sata ssd and want to put it into the vaio p - you need the sata/pata/zif connector cable from sony - this part costs around 50$

pocketables topic about a ssd in the vaio p

i don't know who spread the rumour about the 2,5" - but when you look at the pictures - where should it go to ? - the maximum height is 5mm - the s/p/z connector comes on top of the ssd and it's bigger than the ribbon cable of the hdd.

but who knows - maybe there is a smaller 2,5" ssd that is 5mm thick and will fit into the space of the vaio (but most user say that it's not worth it - pata is to slow.

maybe it's better to use a good os on the vaio p instead of a ssd ;-)


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Hi Michael.

I have a Vaio P with a HDD of 60 gigabites, and i´m tired too, for wait 5 minutes to start windows ! =D

I now a SSD compatible for vaio p (but i still have not bought this SSD because I am short of money), you can see it on this link:


There are 3 models with diferent space options:

RCP-IV-Z1832-MC: 32 GB

RCP-IV-Z1864-MC: 64 GB

RCP-IV-Z1828-MC: 128 GB

You can buy it on amazon or ebay, you just need to search by the model (RCP-IV-Z1864-MC for example), or descripiton: Runcore Pro IV ZIF 1.8" 64GB MLC SSD.

On amazon.com, you can visit this link:


On ebay.com, you can visit this link:


On youtube, you can see how to open and change the hdd for ssd, step by step: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq-Q31fc5...

Good luck !

Sincerely, Marcelino Del Panta.

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