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Lens not opening correctly

My Panasonic DMC-FS15 seems to have a problem with the mechanics of opening and shutting the lens. It moves in and out several times rather than opening into position. I then get a message on screen, "Please turn camera off and then on again." I've done this many times with no correction.

Now the lens is stuck in the open position when turning off the camera.

I saw a black material in between the parts of the lens that moves. I am guessing it might be some sort of gasket material. After trying to stick in back in, I went ahead and picked out what was loose.

I love this camera, and would sure appreciate any help anyone might suggest.

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sounds to me like you will either try to disassemble the lens unit and replace whatever gasket has come out or replace the complete lens. I have found great difficulty in getting parts to repair the lens. You most likely will have to replace the lens. here are the instructions for the lens disassembly:"

Disassembly Procedure for the Lens

NOTE: When Disassembling and Assembling for the Lens

1. To minimize the possibility of the CCD being dirt, perform disassemble and/or assemble under the condition of the CCD is being mounted.

Disassembling procedures for the CCD unit, refer to item 8.6.

2. Take care that the dust and dirt are not entered into the lens.

In case of the dust is putted on the lens, blow off them by airbrush.

3. Do not touch the surface of lens.

4. Use lens cleaning KIT (BK)(VFK1900BK).

5. Apply the grease (RFKZ0472) to the point where is shown to" Grease apply" in the figure. When the grease is applied, use a toothpick and apply thinly.

6. When repair the fixed frame, drive frame and direct frame, must be unit exchange.

8.4.1. Removal of the Zoom Motor Unit and Lens FPC P.C.B. Unit

1. Remove the 1 solder (A).

2. Remove the 1 solder (B).

3. Unscrew the 2 screws (A).

4. Unscrew the 1 screw (B).

5. Remove the 2 locks.

6. Remove the zoom motor unit to the indicated by arrow (1).

7. Remove the lens FPC P.C.B. unit to the indicated by arrow (2).

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Thank you for the suggestions. I did search the website before posting, but didn't find a match. I'll look into replacing the lens- sure love this camera, but don't want to invest too much money in fixing vs. replacing. Appreciate all the help.


ifixit of course does not have any of those parts :-) They are available online for around $55 US, little heavy price but cheaper than a new camera:-)


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