What does it mean when vertical lines of keys stop responding?

A large number of my keyboard keys stopped working. There's a pattern of vertical lines in which keys are broken.

Is this actual keyboard damage or might it be connective cable damage?

Context: I took my Macbook (2 GHz (Core Duo) MacBook 13") apart to fix the inverter. While it was apart, I sprayed a little Staples screen cleaner on the surface of the keys to degunk them, scrubbed it with an old toothbrush, toweled it off, then put everything back together after an hour.

As I did not test the keyboard between disconnecting/reconnecting it and putting chemicals on it, I don't know which factor was the problem. I can at least rule out ammonia.

From the screen cleaner page:

Q: Is Staples screen cleaner free of alcohol, ammonia & sodium lauryl sulfate?

A: Staples Screen Cleaner cleaner is made of non hazardous liquids; it contains DMDM Hydantoin and Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate as a preservation system. It is alcohol-free and solvent-free, no sodium lauryl sulfate.

What I have tried: I made sure the connector was seated properly, took the keyboard off again entirely, let it dry for days, made sure it was drying somewhere warm enough and at different angles, then tried taking off every single key and scissor mount, wiping everything with an alcohol swab, and letting it dry some more. No change.

Might there be a cable problem? It seems weird that keyboards can survive orange juice and coffee spills but would lose half their keys to getting dampened by 'electronics-safe' screen cleaner.

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