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Demontage- und Installationsanleitungen für die meisten iPods, darunter iPod Original, Mini, Shuffle, Nano und Touch.

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How do I fix a broken headphone jack on my iPod?

My speakers will work and when it's plugged into my ihome I works fine. But when I plug in my headphones the audio is awful and I can't hear the singer at all. I got a new pair of headphones but it still does the same exact thing.

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Very simple, look up your iPod on youtube for the teardown of it. Make sure you have all the screwdrivers and proper tools. Also make sure you don't rip anything inside. For the normal iPod I believe its just a flex cable you need to replace, but if its a iPod touch its a solder job. Either way take it slow and its a pretty simple repair.

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