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How to turn off iPhone through itunes?


my home button doesn't work, and my iphone is on the sleep mode. How i can turn it off then on through itunes or is there some other option?


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Hi Milos,

What do you mean by turn it off and on ? from sleep mode ?

If you mean power, the only only way power your iphone on/off is using the power button on the top of the iphone. You can also power it on by plugging it. To power it off you have to wait for the battery to be empty.

If your iphone is jailbroken, you can install SBSetting via cydia, it has an option to power off the iphone.

If you mean turn on/off to sleep mode, you can use either the power or home button to wake it.

I recommend replacing the defective button, tell me exactly the one that is defective :

- the black one on the bottom of the device ? on the front pannel ?

- or the metal one on top of the device ?

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My iphone is jailbroken but it's on sleep mode, so i can't install anything without geting out from sleep mode.

I have problems with home button (connectors are bad), so i can't use method power+home button for sleep mode.

I am trying to do something with just power button (work for power on/off and unlocking) but nothing is happening.

Should I wait for the battery to be empty then to try turn it on?


(sorry for all inline, line breaks not working :/)


So you mean both buttons are not working and you can wake your iPhone to the lock screen ? If you call your phone does it ring and does the screen turn on ? Have you tried plugging it ? It will turn on and you at be able to unlock it


Home button is NOT working, power button is working. My battery now is empty so now my iphone is off. Before that when i call myself it ring and from side when turn to silent it vibrate. Now, what should I do? To plug in to charger or what?



Nevermind, i ordered a new home button and flex cable.



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my iphone 4 has been off since yesterday, ma power button is not functioning......................... please tell me wat to do now cos am fustrated

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