Capacitor on logic board replacement

Hi folks,

I have a logic board of my MacBook A1181 (Early 2008).

Due to a liquid accident, 4 capacitors are corroded. I would like to try a fix with ordering new ones and replace the bad ones but I cannot determine which type these capacitors are.

The capacitors are printed with following text:



Nothing else.

Please pay attention to the picture I posted at the bottom of my posting.

Are they 33µF / 16Volt or 33µF / 6Volt?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot and best regards,


Block Image

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do you have skill in soldering because if you dont just jet a new logic board



yes, my solder skill is not the problem.

I just need to know, what kind of capacitors these are :)

Best regards,



@Tolga, any chance you can post another image, just back up so we can see the proper location of the components in relation to the complete board. Also, please verify that this is a MacBook A1181 the reason Why I ask, I am looking at the schematic and seem to have a hard time located those parts by their reference designator.


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