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Replacing HDD with SSD on Mac Mini 2012


I wanna replace my 500GB HDD with a 120GB SSD , but before doing this I have some questions :

1.Will it give me 6GB/sec transfer rate on my mac mini ?

2.Is it compatible with MacMini ?

Any help is appreciated !

thank you

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The SSD drive is 100% compatible with the mac mini 2012. About the transfer rate, theoretical it will be 6GB/sec.

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I got many freeze/io error with an intel 330 120GB...

Then avoid this SSD model for the mac mini 2012

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I've done some weeks ago with a 256 Samsung 840 pro series and it's really working well, but i kept the original Hard drive inside for data storage.

The best way to install properly the mountain lion on the SSD is :

Download on apple website the mountain lion recovery software and add it on a USB key

Then add the SSD inside the mac mini following the ifixit tutorial

Turn on the mac mini and hold the option key then choose to boot on your USB key

then the install program of mountain will start

you will need first to erase the SSD and format in MacOS X format

you will then choose the SSD as the install destination

when it will ask you to import datas and users choose the other drive, it will copy everything from your previous version (except microsoft office)

last part you need to choose the booting drive on system preferences

then restart your computer

and erase the DATA drive ( copy data, music, pictures etc on an external drive before)

and now you will have a mac mini with 2 drives :

one SSD with mountain lion and all your apps

a Data drive for your personal storage

let me now if you need more details

and don't forget to active the trim !!!

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