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Herausgegeben im Oktober 2008 / 2,4, 2,53, 2,66, 2,8 oder 2,93 GHz Core 2 Duo-Prozessor

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What is failing when MBP does not boot up AT ALL?


The last time I used the laptop was using it on battery until it was low. Then subsequently, I closed the cover and went to sleep.

It never woke up again.

It exhibits symptoms of a completely dead computer.

When I press and hold the power button, there is no chime, no spinning sounds (from HDD or CD drive), the sleep/power light does not illuminate or blink, etc.

The battery does appear to charge (using an 85W power adapter, the LED would turn from green to amber, then back to green when fully charged).

The power level indictor (small round button on the left side of MBP) does appear to work and is showing the level of power on the battery.

I brought it to the Genius Bar and they could not determine a fault (brought it to the back room, checked serial number, and then determined that they would bill me $100 labor + $210 parts if I decide to have it sent in)

Here are the things I have tried (from research and from Matt from ifixit's advice) and with no success:

1. resetting SMC (unplug battery, press and hold power button) - I do not hear any chimes/sound from that.

2. resetting the PRAM - doesn't really work as it appears to require the computer to at least power up.

3. removing / reinstalling RAM (tried to boot with different number of pieces of RAM).

4. boot with/without a battery, with/without power adapter.

What should I try next?

1. boot up HDD on friend's non-unibody MBP?

2. troubleshoot wiring connections?

What's the next in line that could fail and exhibit these symptoms?

1. completely dead logic board?

2. completely dead HDD?

3. bad battery to logic board connection?

4. My guess is that this is not a graphics card issue since it primarily affected the nVidia 8x00M cards. Is that correct?


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Hi Terence, did you succeed repairing it? I have the same problem here.


same problem with mine. I was able to wake it up ONCE after several tries of a power cycle. after that, it died for good:/


Mine worked fine until I went on a trip... I did have this issue in the past but did eventually startup. Currently, it's DOA and thinking of getting a gently used one or better on ebay.


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Pay the money and get the machine fixed and warrantied. It's a bargain price compared to the time and money you'll spend guessing at what is wrong. If you need a new battery (from your description you do) sounds to me like that's included in the repair price (that's $100+ right there).

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I will definitely give it a few more days before going the repairing route (or purchasing a new laptop).

I agree with you that the time spent on troubleshooting/guessing will probably cost more than the labor.

I do think the battery is working though (it was replaced a year-ish ago) and it's charging up fine. What specific things made you suspect the battery being an issue?


(from your description) low battery, won't charge. Won't show up in menu monitor. Age of battery is no indicator of how long it will last, use/abuse (running it completely flat a few times can kill a new battery)


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