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says out of paper

When I try to print it says out of paper.Printer collects info and starts process but then stops.It doesn't matter if it is a hard copy or from external source.

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I got me one of those cans of air and sprayed inside on rollers and opened up the back insert and also sprayed in there and on the pullout piece. Wallah - it worked, HOWEVER, I then got the mismatched paper error which I have struggled before with!


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These printers will say "out of paper" when they can't pick up paper.

ie. there's no sensor to detect if there's actually paper in the tray, it just tries to pick up paper and errors if it didn't pick any up.

Most likely the pickup rollers just aren't gripping the paper well enough. You may be able to clean them by reaching in though the front with a damp cloth (isopropyl alcohol works better). If there's a removable piece on the back of the printer then that will give better access to the rollers.

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My 7510 starts to pick up paper but the two small rollers which descend down onto the paper do not turn. Don't know why they are not being engaged by the gear wheels but the solution is to pre-feed each individual sheet into the Duplex unit at the back (unclip and clip back) and then the page will be fed through the Duplex and print successfully.

Yes, this is a PITA but it is a shame to throw a printer away that is only 6 years old and has printed less than 2,500 pages. Repair will probably cost more than an F-35 fighter jet.

I will NEVER again buy an HP product (after a 2 year old laptop broke due to a manufacturing defect) so it's SAMSUNG all the way for me.


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On mine (7520 Photosmart) the drive bar for the paper feed assembly has stripped the drive gear. The bar spins but the gear does not move. Lay a hand mirror on the paper tray about halfway in, and shine a flashlight onto the mirror. Angle it so you can see the drive bar (goes across the entire paper tray area) and the drive gear about two-two and 1/2 inches from the right side of the tray area. Go to tools on your touch screen, call for a status printout (first choice), and watch to see if the drive gear moves. Sometimes the drive gear slips sideways off the prepared area on the drive bar. Mind slipped off and also stripped the inside of the gear.

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How do you get at the drive gear to check it?


I had this problem and the drive gear for the paper pick up rollers had slipped sideways along the drive bar and out of engagement with the drive train. Superglue on the drive splines and sliding the gear back into position cured the fault. To gain access to this gear with the unit upside down and the rear facing you cut a hole in the base of the unit centred at 160mm from the right hand side of the printer and 125mm from the rear edge of the base moulding. This will be directly above the small drive gear which slipped along the drive haft off the splines. Cut the hole in base large enough to perform this operation.


Before starting as above remove the rear paper roller assembly.


This was applied to an HP Photosmart 7520 All-in-One printer.


I glued the gear using resin and now the test page prints, but the document printing still gives out of paper error. I cut the hole and glued it tea well. What now?


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Out of paper error means your blank paper feeder has some dust issue in rollers. All you need to do is to use a C2C carbon clearing solution or use an alcohol swab to carefully clean your paper collecting rollers which shall hopefully be fix your problem.

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