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Should I replace the logic board?

Hi everyone,

Thanks in advance for having a look at this. I have a 160GB classic 6th gen (I think).

It's had a good life but recently got a little wet, and the battery wouldn't hold charge. I could plug it in though - it would boot up from scratch but then work okay. I tried to dry it off for a couple of weeks - no cigar. I replaced the battery but had the same result. I have opened it up and cleaned some corrosion around the area where the battery cable connects to the logic board - in the process I removed the cover of the battery cable connector and saw that some of the pins had broken off. I re-assembled it all with the same result.

So - my question is, can I assume it is a logic board problem, and replace it? Or could it be something else, or a combination of things? I ask because the logic board is quite an expensive part - but still less than half the price of a new iPod! I would also buy a new metal back casing (I assume they work okay?) as mine is now quite out of shape with all my poking around.

My only other thought it that perhaps it is the dock connector? It always shows that it's charging the battery but it never really is. I assume this is a part of the logic board anyway.

Thanks so much - your wisdom is much appreciated.


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Charla, "cover of the battery cable connector and saw that some of the pins had broken off." This is a common result of corrosion damage. It sounds to me like you will need a new logic board or you can try and resolder a new battery connector. The battery connector is available on places like this, after you thoroughly clean the board. I would probably get a new board :-) Hope this helps, good luck

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Thanks so much - that's what I'll do. I really appreciate your help!


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