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How to bypass the power button on a 2012 MacBook Pro

After a spill my (13 inch, mid 2012) MacBook Pro won't boot. I wanted to by pass the power button to see if the logic board is still good and I only need to replace the keyboard.

Does anyone know the location of the power on pads on the (13 inch mid 2012) Mac book pro.?

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This just happened to me!! I had to plug in the earphones and hold down the buttons as mentioned (control, option and shift) but instead of holding the power button I held down the audio button on the earphones which somehow acted as the power button and turned the MacBook on!!


Another way to turn on the macbook pro is removing the lower case, unplug the battery connector and plug on the magsafe conector, the mac should start, you can now connect the battery and cover the lower case.


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Yes - see this previous Question.

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Thank you for responding, the link you provided is for a MacBook Air.

Is there any way of locating the pads on my specific model? I haven't been able to find a schematic or diagram that for mid 2012 MacBook Pro non retina


Does anyone know the power pads for iMac


@krazyche we need way more information than what you are giving us. What is the exact model? Why do you need to use the power on pads? What has happend to your iMac? What have you tried to fix it?


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Similar story from me. My daughter spilled apple juice in my wife's 2012 15" MacBook Pro. I actually dismantled the entire keyboard and cleaned between the membrane layers to clear the shorting from the printed circuits. Unfortunately, when separating the membrane layers, I was not cognizant of the Caps Lock key's LED attached to the membranes and damaged a couple of traces. Now, this Mac won't power on either and I am awaiting a trace repair pen so I can fix it.

The trick for now? Perform the power reset that you can find in many internet sources: Disconnect the battery and magsafe power connector. Press the power button for 10 seconds, then while still holding the power button, connect the magsafe connector to your MacBook. Hold the power button for another 10 seconds. At this point, try to start your Mac normally (this never works for me). Next, reconnect the battery connector. This should power on your MacBook Pro. It works for me. Of course, this assumes your battery has a charge :-) You will need to reset your system clock after this procedure.

You probably don't have to go through the whole power button procedure because it is assumed that the power circuit in the keyboard membranes is shorted out, but using just the battery connector method does not always work for me, and the full procedure always does. NOTE that you CAN use an external keyboard still if you can get your keyboard powered on. I suggest disconnecting your keyboard ribbon cable from the logic board to avoid further damage to your Mac.


In the interest of keeping my last answer to novel length Vs. epic length, I did not mention that unless an entire pitcher of water was spilled on your MacBook, the logic board is probably fine. The keyboard has a rubber overlay under the keys. The overlay does have holes in it for mounting the keys. However, between the keyboard and the logic board is also a solid layer of thick plastic AND the LED medium (a thin layer of plasticy paper) that is glued to the frame around the edges. So....there are many layers of protection between your keys and the logic board. Good luck!

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Hi Ernesto.

I have the same problem. I cannot locate the power pads of the MBP 13-inch mid 2012. I found some 'Apple technician guides' for other models but not for MBP 13-inch mid 2012 model. It seems that they change the position of the power pads in every model so they are not easy to find. Did you have any luck so far?


Yeah, I am having trouble also finding the location for this model. Every other model is shown except for this one for some strange reason. Does ANYONE KNOW???


Ok thanks and where are the contacts located?


Look here, Nicholas - For future reference you posted a Question in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the add comment link to the appropriate Answer or Start your original Q..


Easy solution:

1) Unplug power cord.

2) Open bottom access panel.

3) Unplug battery. (don't plug it back in yet)

4) Make sure screen is open.

5) Plug in power cord, computer should boot if it has had no power.

6) Shut it down, and unplug power cord.

7) Plug the battery back in (must be done after cord is unplugged).

8) Replace bottom cover.

9) Open laptop.

10) When you plug the computer back in it should boot. If not then you will have to start over, ignore step 6 and do the rest without unplugging the cord, closing the screen, or turning off the computer.

The mac is made to boot from first power on for testing purposes. They don't want you poking around inside it so they tell nobody what to do.


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Check out this site.


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Thank you!! Good info!!


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I had same problem and answers above didn't help me. It turns out that new macbook pro's doesn't have power on pads anymore.

The solution is:

Shorting Pin #5 on the keyboard connection (#5 from the right with battery facing up) of the logic board to a ground point will boot the laptop.

This is true for most late model macbooks and macbook pros from 2008~present.

Some models have different ways to do this, however this will work for 90% of the newer unibody laptops.

Found it from here: source of solution

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Hope this video help.


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