Hard drive to full. Gone into Kernal Panic loop

Thanks to you guys for the parts and information, my computer was working again. Unfortunately I filled up the hard drive too much doing some editing and did not delete enough space before restarting. So on restarting it has gone into a Kernel panic loop. Grey screen. Have tried all the normal key board starts.

Can you give me any advice on how to get it started? Also I do not have a boot disk. Can I load it down? OS 10.4.11.

Then how do I get it started from there?


Grant Lyon

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This is really a software Question and policy is we don't do much with them...

However, what you would need to do is to enter command line (single user) mode at startup and navigate to (you must know/remember their path aka folder location and names) your largest files and delete them.

This is very advanced DIY - not something I'd attempt to tutor you on in this forum- if you know a programer who knows UNIX seek their help.

A workaround would be obtain an install disk. an external case and a second HD. Remove the problimatic HD and put it in an external case, or put the new HD in the case, Install a working OS on the new HD and boot from it. access (mount) the old HD and remove the files that way.

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