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Mid 2010 Modell A1278 / 2,4 oder 2,66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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No Wifi, Bluetooth or Camera

After a friend had spilled some beer over my beloved MacBook, the Keyboard and Superdrive stopped working.

So I decided for the meantime (until I have money to get a new one) to use an external keyboard and replace the super drive with an SSD, as I could use the SSD in my future MacBook too.

I followed this Guide to replace the SSD and after realizing how dirty the Macbook was, carefully cleaned the fan with a brush and removed the keyboard backlight with its diffusor and cover, as it does not have any practical use anymore and doing so would also increase the amount of air that could enter the computer to cool it down.

In order to do so, I carefully unscrewed all screws and lifted the logic board to take out the backlight and diffusor.

When plugging out the cables on the logic board, I noticed that for the Airport/Camera/Blutetooth cable a tiny plastic square had broken off the plug. As I couldn't see any function in it what so ever, I continued my work.

Now I have a lightning fast Macbook Pro, with no Keyboard, Wifi, Bluetooth or Camera.

Has anyone got an Idea how I could at least fix the last three?

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That little black plastic piece holds the wifi/ bluetooth/ isight cable in very tight, almost at an angle. For an example, on my current Macbook Pro 2010 I can get wifi but no bluetooth or isight because I haven't bothered with the cable. It has to be in PERFECT to get all three ( wifi/bluetooth and isight) Be very careful and reseat the cable, making sure not to bend any on those little gold wires. And then if you can't find something similar to that little black piece with adhesive on the back, tape is your friend. I can usually get mine to work by taping the back of the cable ( the cushioning part) to the fan with kaftan tape if you have it, electrical tape or even scotch tape. While you have the logic board out, clean it. With rubbing alcohol and toothbrush. You could get your whole computer keyboard and all back.

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Thanks, Katie. I thought I really screwed up replacing the optical drive and lost my wifi. I just needed a second try at connecting the cable. ;)


I did exactly the same and it worked... Mine was a 2010 MBP. The angle of that tiny support piece place in near to the Fan Screw slightly tilted to left and try to plug in the ribbon cable.. it will work. Thank you so much.


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There is one cable to connect WIFI BT and cam i think it is possible that there is an short-circuit. So open the case and look for step 10 on this guide. This is the cable. Be careful because the connector can break very easy.

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Thank you! I had accidentally misplaced the connector by just some millimeters, so only half of it was connected. There should be no visible pins for it to work properly.


I see that one of the little "things" on my connector is broken could it be the reason not to have bluetooth anymore? It appears is not available


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You guys the best!

I fixed my 13" 2010 pro by reattaching this cable)

bluetooth & camera is ON:)

Just changed drive in optibay for second SSD (wanna raid:).

And on inserting optibay i made very fast put., it's my fault.

After installed osx, and in installing tried my new keyboard, and see it's not work, so thought that it's because install mode (

After tried camera, it's also not found.

So now i fully understand, how all cables in the mbpro must be inserted:)

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Hey guys, I have the same problem with my MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010.

My Wifi connection does not work anymore. It says "no hardware installed".

The camera and bluetooth are still working.

I also noticed that the tiny plastic square had broken off located at the Airport/Camera/Blutetooth cable. I dont know where the plastic square was exactly located before it broke off. Does anybody have an idea how to fix it?

Can you explain your tape fixing method a bit further or do you have a picture?

I have also tried the following:

  • reset smc
  • reset PRAM


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I have a 15"MBP, mid-2010. All of a sudden last week the WiFi icon became greyed out with an "x" on it, and a message that said "Wifi: no device installed." The Bluetooth worked fine, as did the Ethernet port. I ordered and replaced both the Wifi card and the ribbon cable. No change. Not sure what else to try. It is really inconvenient not having WiFi.

Raymond Steinbart

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