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Modelle A1237 oder A1304 / 1,6, 1,8, 1,86, oder 2,13 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Replacement battery does not charge

In a very similar situation to New battery from ifixit will not charge...help! I received a replacement Macbook Air battery from iFixit that will not charge. I've seen a couple of other people with the same problem and wondering if there is anything else I should be trying before returning it. I was under the impression that batteries were tested before being sent out?

As the second answer suggests, there is an initial period of a couple of minutes where the charging light goes from green to orange. However, it will always go back to green again and the laptop will show the X sign on the battery if switched on. Resetting SMC using the COPS method will cause the light to turn orange again but after a couple of minutes it fails. This is on OS X 10.6.

In the linked question the solution is to apply updates, replug the battery, reset PMU (really SMC?) and try a different charger. I've not yet tried a different charger but have checked for updates, replugged the battery twice and reset SMC several times.

Additionally there is some small damage to one corner of the plastic which I think prevents the battery from seating completely flush. Should I just return it?

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We actually test every single one of our laptop batteries. The issue lies in Apple's more recent batteries. Apple redid the internals to make them very smart. The result is that customers are getting batteries from Apple that last longer not only on each charge but in overall life. Fantastic! The downside has been that they are very finicky.

We will take a brand new battery, install into the appropriate machine and see what it does. If it starts charging right away, it is deemed "A-OK" and is put onto the shelf. If it does not charge, we will reset the SMC, PRAM, NVRAM, etc. and see what happens. If it charges after doing that, we will also stick it onto the shelf to be sold. If it still doesn't charge, it is deemed defective and given a swift kick out the door.

This all sounds nice, so you're reading this and asking "Ok, but shouldn't my battery work then?" The short answer is: Yes, of course. Obviously the long answer is: "No." It goes back again to this fancy technology that Apple has started putting into their batteries (since 2009). Sam did exactly what we recommend: Try resetting the SMC, try a different charger and if those fail, contact us, and we will get a replacement sent out ASAP.

Even though we ensure that we can charge every battery that goes out the door, sometimes it turns out that it can't be charged in a customer's own machine. We don't know why this is the case, and that's why we're happy to take it back and send you a new one.

I hope this helps explain things.

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Batteries are not individually tested - if they were they'd be even more costly. A random number of a run of batteries are tested (just like cars or any other sort of mass produced item).

Consequently new batteries have been known to fail - right out of the box, or after a bit of use, If you're not happy talk to your vendor.

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I also tried a different charger with no joy so will just return it.


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