Released March 2006, identified by model D620 on the keyboard bezel.

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My laptop won't boot up

My laptop screen just went blank and it will no longer boot up how do I resolve this problem

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do you get anything? Any lights, any POST beep? Have you tried to remove the battery, the RAM and the AC power and hold the power button down for around 30sec then replace the RAM on at a time to see what you get.


Iam not a computer person it just says no bootable device I've tried taking out battery


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Here is a link to Dells service guide for your computer. Hope this helps.

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our laptop d620 is boot up after 1 mint what is solution of this problem


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If its not booting up and turning on the try to perform a windows repair by following steps:

In case you dont have a disk you can repair windows using a USB flash drive by following these steps:

Step 1- Download ISO image of Windows from: website

Step 2: Download YUMI from: website?

Step 3- Plug in your USB in pc.

Step 4: Run YUMI and follow the on-screen instructions by selecting the appropriate operating system.

Step 5: Give path of the ISO Image and select the USB drive to make boot-able disc

Step 6- Plug in the USB onto the system on which you need to install the windows.

Step 7- Turn on the system.(Change the boot preferences to USB if the system do not automatically start

booting from USB).

Step 8- follow the on screen instructions to complete the windows repair. Thanks

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