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iPhone 4s won't charge


I have a iPhone 4s that took a swim. Everything seems to be working perfectly, except it wont charge.

I have replaced the dock-connector and the battery, but nothing has turned out working. The battery percentage keeps dropping as i write.

The charging symbol shows when the cable is plugged, but the phone doesn't charge. It is not recognized by itunes either.

However, if i plug the phone into a speaker-dock, music starts playing (from the dock). The microphone, loudspeaker and homebutton is working aswell, so i cant really figure out what the problem is. Is there any other parts i should try to replace?`or is there any other method i should try?

Any suggestions are welcome! i really need this to be fixed

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You need to disassemble your phone and treat the logic board for water damage, here is a guide for treatment on a 3G but use these methods on your 4,iPhone Wasserschaden reparieren and here is a guide to teardown your 4, iPhone 4S Teardown, good luck, If this Answer is helpful please remember to return and mark it Accepted.

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1 - 2 hours

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