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iPad Mini mit 7,9 Zoll Display und 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität.

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My ipad mini has troubleshooting

i updated my itunes recently, and now I had to restore my ipad mini. somehow it does not work. and it mention that they can't contact with the ipad software update server. My ipad screen consistently shows the usb charge and i tunes image. What should I do

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Put the iPad Mini in DFU mode connecting it to the iTunes to restore properly. Check if your firewall has been set to Block All Incoming Connections. iTunes will detect it and ask for restoring. Follow it. It will be done at ease.

To put in DFU mode, press Power & Home at the same time when the iPad is ON. When the screen goes completely black (after showing SLIDE TO TURN OFF), count down to 5 and release POWER button only and keep pressing HOME button for next 15 seconds.

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my ipad does not turn on

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