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Can it run both Mac OS's?

I have a iMac and installed OSX tiger on it today and was wondering if it would still run Mac OS9 safely

that is all, was running Mac OSX 10.2.8, now running 10.4.11

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10.4.11 is the highest system this iMac will take and it will run classic. You don't lose classic capability till 10.5. I would upgrade the RAM to the maximum of 1 GB. Here's how to get into the machine: iMac G4 17 800 MHz EMC 1936 Battery Replacement

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If I remember correctly you can "run Classic" in order to use applications (but networking and some audio (MIDI) can no longer access the OS X ports) and some machines would not boot to it if you have 10.4x since you have a non-intel machine you might still be able to boot into classic.

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