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New hard drive-now its really not working.

Ipod classic 6th generation 160gb

I assumed my hard drive died, so I purchased a new hard drive. I followed the guide on here and after putting everything back together, the red X appears.

The ipod will not go into disk mode. When I run a test on the hard drive in diagnostic mode, it says "error diag halt."

The hard drive does not make any sounds when the ipod turns on. I connected the old hard drive and it doesn't make any sounds either.

Is it possible that I damaged the hard drive cable?


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i had the same problem a couple of times, sometimes it was a damaged hard drive cable, but sometimes it was the logic board.

Its hard to tell, if its the cable or logic board. But as the cable is not that expensive, i would give it a try and buy a new cable.

Good Luck!

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