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Put a new HDD and cant get it OS X.3 installed

I have a iBook G4 933 Mhz... I had a 40 GB HDD and I went to Microcenter and bought a 160GB HDD and installed it and loaded the OS but it doesn't see the HDD and I cant format it What can I do to get the the HDD to be recognized and used by this machine?

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The Problem is that the HDD is brand new and I guess I will have to take Mayer's advice and pull it out of the machine and format it using my other mac then install it back in.


You don't have to. Your 160GB will format out at about 120GB if left in your machine.


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Hi! When you are on the screen that asks you to pick a disk to install to, look at the top of the screen and choose "Disk Utility" from one of the pull-down menus. When Disk Utility loads, you should see your hard drive represented on the left side of the screen. Select it, and choose the option to erase and format the drive. Then, when you exit Disk Utility, it should show the drive in the box as an option to install the OS to.

The problem is that store-bought drives are not in the format necessary to be seen by a Mac, and they therefore do not show up initially without being formatted.

Thanks, and let us know if that does not solve the problem.

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Here is a guide to setting up your new hard drive: http://www.ifixit.com/Misc/HD_Software_i...

The problem you will run into with this machine is that it will only format a drive up to 128MB of space. If you can find a newer Mac to format it on you can partition it to see all the drive. It can then be put into your machine.

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