CDMA Version des iPhones der vierten Generation. Die Reparatur ist unkompliziert, aber Frontglas und LCD müssen gemeinsam ersetzt werden. Modell A1349 mit 16 oder 32 GB, CDMA Kompabilität.

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no sound in app, but sound ok during call

i can not figure this out. The sound work ok during the call, i can press the volume button and the it show volume going up and down. I can heard sound during the call. sound also works find with voice recorder.

But when it comes to games apps, no sound. When I press the volume button, nothing happens. Please help. thanks

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did soft reset already, still same problem. mute button is not on. when i plug in the head phone, i can hear the sound in the games. I remove the headphone and after a while, i came back and immediate i can hear the sound again, but only a second or so, then its gone again.


fixed it. clean headphone and dock connector with alcohol, it must of had dust on them, fooled iphone into thinking it was docked


hi. i am having the same problem. and i did the reset buttons. and even reset all on iphone setting. still same issue. no sound on music or apps but theres sound for ringtone. even tested with head phones and bluetooth headphones. still the same. what is the problem? and how to solve it?


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Maybe a glitch or your rocker switch is set to mute.

For the glitch if it may be the problem just do a soft reset by holding the home and power button till you see the apple logo come up as if the device is being powered on.

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what ios ver you have?


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Double click home button and slide to the right and see if it is muted there.

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