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Is hard drive original (it shows as 18.5 GB)?

I tried to install OS 10.5.8 on to the newly acquired G4 12" A1054 (It has OS 10.4.11) By all specs it should have enough RAM (512 MB), fast enough processor (1.07 GHz), and should only require 9GB of hard drive space (shows that has 10.8 GB available). What made me concern, the hardware serial-ATA reads as no info available. Also in the disk utility the drive shows as 18.5 GB and gives following Disk description :


Is that drive original? And is that my problems with installing OS?

Do I need a new hard drive?

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you

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Your computer has a IDE drive so the system profiler would show no serial ATA drive. Your unit came with a 30--40 or 60 GB drive. If you right click on the hard drive symbol and select get info it will tell you which one you have. Allow for the fact some of the drive is used in formatting.

iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

You really should have more room to install 10.5 so you might consider a larger drive or deleting some files. What happened when you tried to install 10.5? Ralph

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For running 10.5 I would prefer at least 1GB of memory. Ralph


sorry ralph, your post was not up when I started typing


No problem--I was editing to add some information. Ralph


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The internal drive is an IDE or ATA not a SATA.

The original hard drive for this machine was 30 GB.


You do have the minimal requirements


Consider defragmenting and optimizing the hard drive with something like TechTools before installing. I would also upgrade the RAM before doing this as you are realyy pushing this machine.

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