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Erschienen am 21. Juli 20122. Core i5 oder i7 Prozessoren. Thunderbolt. Dieser Mini kann auch als Mac Mini Server gefahren werden.

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Mac mini not powering on


I've got a mac mini mid 2011 from ebay and it doesn't power on. I'm testing the power supply and following the guide, I should have 12V checking the two outer pins. When the power cable is connected I got that voltage but as the time pass, the voltage decrease going to 0V.

Is this behaviour normal ? or is the power supply defective ?

for instance, the power supply installed is an oem from delta electronics 614-0503, not a 661-6085.

Has anybody have experience with those power supllies ?



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The power supply should be Part Number: 661-6085. But the 614-0503 is also listed for this machine: http://www.techrepublic.com/photos/crack...

It's very common to have more than one parts supplier. I think either one will work for your replacement.

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thank you for the answer.

But Is power supply's behaviour normal ? or is it defective ?

If tried even to put a resistor in order to have a load on the output and the voltage decreased faster.


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The behavior indicates a failed power supply; the supplied voltage must not sag too much. Probably a bad capacitor or something wrong with the feedback circuit in the PS; Just replace it

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