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Sleep/wake button and digitizer not working after screen replacement

Ok folks, this is an iPhone 4S working on AT&T. Screen cracked. Bought a replacement, this one:


Replacement was uneventful (I've done it about 6 times in the past), used ifixit directions. No problems during repair from what I could tell.

When I get it all back together, I notice that 1) the sleep/wake button does nothing and 2) the digitizer doesn't work (i.e., the screen turns on fine with home button, but there's no touch response whatsoever).

I've tried restore via iTunes, seemed to work normally, but no change afterward. Running latest OS (6.1.2 is it?). Can't do a hard reset without a sleep/wake button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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As I see it three things could have happened:

1) You've damaged the power button flex cable. (Most likely)

2) The flex cable isn't properly connected.

3) You've damaged the logic board. (Let's hope not)

As for the digitizer, the digitizer flex cable has probably been damaged during install or you've received it faulty.

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+ I'd go with "you've received it faulty"


Just wanted to bring some closure to this: I opened up the phone and realized that I had indeed ripped the digitizer ribbon. And the reason the power button wasn't working is that I hadn't connected the power button cable. Duh! Thanks for your help!


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Here's a photo of the ripped digitizer ribbon cable. When they say to be careful, they aren't joking! :-)

Thanks again.

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You're very welcome :)


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