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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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On/Off button doesn't work

The On/Off button of my iPod Nano 6th Generation doesn't work.

It's "down"

How can I fix it?

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This is a common issue for iPods and iPhones. With wear and tear it gets stuck and does not pop back up. For iPhone it is easy to fix as you can just replace a small cable. For this iPod this is all I could find, doesn't look to promising but helpful if you're good with small parts.

A temporarily fix is to insert a very small piece of paper in between the cable and lock button after taking iPod apart. This would force it back up and sometimes works again after playing with it. Not recommended but depends on priorities.

Another temporary "fix" is on iOS 6+ you can get assistive touch which can be used to lock your screen and turn it off.

Go to Settings,

Go to General,

Go to Accessibilty,

Under heading: Physical & Motor

Select Assistive touch

Turn on.

Hope this helped you.


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navigator stuck do not work due to internal electronic panel button stick because, corrosion from condensation heats cold or weathers condition

if you have money to pay technician would be expense and if you have overtime, and you are handy person, may be you want to open it and clean corrosion your self, but if you do not mind to make little hole on top of the affected area of the navy bottom here is how i fix my

use a very thin needle and heat the the pin point end when you feel the heat on the other end quickly push it on the faulty area of the navy bottom

live needle inside the navy bottom

with out touching the needle heat the same amount of time the needle

the heat will make the electronic contact to pop up

screen work it self that mean nano is ready to use immediate

pull out needle before cold down just do not worry about the little hole

important that is work


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Just open up the ipod and you will see that the button has a black dot that is missing. If you look around the button you will find the black dot and you can superglue it back on. Worst case scenario you can transfer the taped metal piece with black dot from an iphone 4,4s, itouch 4 (any button - they all use the same) - this is the part if you cannot find the black dot http://www.aliexpress.com/item/power-sle...

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i dont have Physical & Motor under accessibility.. how do i update to iOS 6+?

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