After market screen flickering after repair, very pressure sensitive

I cracked my screen and bought an aftermarket replacement on Ebay. Additionally, my battery wasn't holding much of a charge anymore so I bought a new battery as well. THIRDLY, my power button wasn't working so I bought a new power/proximity light replacement.

I installed the proximity light sensor and screen and ran into now problems. I put in the new battery and went to charge it. Nothing happened so I let it charge for awhile. When i tried it after about two hours of charging the screen was all white. However, the phone was working as I could hear that it was receiving text messages.

Trying to do some form of diagnostics I started with the battery. I took the old battery out and put the new battery in, when I did I got the typical "you need to charge" symbol. So i did. When I came back it was charged but the screen has a flicker to it. Additionally, if you apply a good amount of pressure to it the same thing happens as if you were pushing on your computer screen (a kind of liquidy mushing of colors) which is not typical to other screens I've used. When I turn the brightness all the way down the flickering stops.

Is this a problem with the screen itself? (i.e. cheap quality)?

Is it an issue with the battery and or power?

An issue with a connection? (i.e. screws or cables...I did make sure all cables were properly attached). Maybe a software update?

Any help will be greatly appreciated guys!

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