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HP Pavilion dv2601tx Special Edition Entertainment Notebook PC, product #GS117PA

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no display, only screen glows,over heating problem to display card


I own a HP DV 2601 TX special edition laptop.

Problem is after starting the laptop, the screen glows and no display!

i got it repaired once, now after using it for 30-40 mins it again gives the same problem, and if i try to reboot, a blue screen error shows up with a msg "Memory Parity error".

But once it is cold, it again starts normally,(but the situation goes worse every time).

I have been told the problem is because of the Nvidia graphics card (onboard) generates a lot of heat, and cant be repaired, so i have to replace the mother board.

Can anyone please help?


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Sounds like you may have smoked your graphics card processor. I had the same thing happen to my ATI Radeon 700 mobility in my laptop. I would be fine for a few minutes until the laptop heated up and then I would lose the signal from the graphics card and only have the back-light of the LCD. Eventually, the graphics never came back and I was unable to use the VGA out port to view the graphics either. The cost to repair the graphics card would be uneconomical versus the alternative to replace the entire motherboard or find a suitable replacement laptop. I found the same situation being my laptop was 4 years old and I could not find cause to spend the money on out-dated technology and instead opted to buy newer. Best of luck.


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try doing a re-flow to the BGA chip(the video ship), make sure you apply enough soldering flux between the mother board and the chip. Use a heat gun in a circular motion with a distance of 2 to 3 inches on top of the chip. Use aluminum foil to completely cover the mother board and only expossing the bga chip. Hope this helps!

Clean the heat sink completely to prevent overheating and update your bios.

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What actually happens throughout the series dv2xxx is a design problem Heatsink also micro chip dissipates video. But the problem is that there is no good contact between the video chip and the heatsink that is fixed from factory with a silicone pad .... BUT this is degraded over time fail to make good contact and burns .... Is it really a design flaw or an elaborate system of self-destruction of the laptop after two to three years?? ... hummm ... good the case is that it has a solution you should apply on the face of all micro-dissipation fan included - in the place where he would contact the chip a bit of thermal paste adhesive, set here a copper or aluminum plate 2x2 cm a expesor of + / - 2-4 mm. then put a little paste on the chip dissipating video and reattaching the entire set of dissipation ... so I been running in 2832, about 4 years after the death of the previous plate ...

I hope someone will serve my experience ... include the pseudo-engineers hp ... (Or maybe not,,, if not the next time will be more difficult to solve,-D)

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I repaired a DV2810us following the method described by Adolfo and it worked great. After covering the board in aluminum foil and only exposing the video/chipset chip, I used the heat gun on low ~700F for about 40 seconds. Hellus also had a good suggestion that I did and that was to replace the thermal pad with a copper shim. A very, very thin layer of AS5 finished it up.

IMHO I would not run any kind of processor with out a heat sink since you cannot control the temps and any damage will start internally and it will be too late by the time you see it.

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