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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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JES1451 Service Manual to replace door swtich

I have a JES1451 and I believe I need to replace the door switch. Is there a service manual I can download to get to the switch?

Thank you.

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Here's the owners manual with several repairs listed toward the end: http://www.hammerwall.com/Manuals/GE/Des...

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if you are sure it's the door switch (mostly there is more than one however) why don't you take it out and go to a parts shop for a new one. When you are skilled you may open the switch and clean the bunrt contacts. Also look for fuses blown (sometimes there's one in the HT leads to the microwave Xmitter too).

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And be carefull ! Never switch on a microwave with the lid off ! Never bypass the door switches and switch it on with the door opened ! Keep a safe distance when you fully reassembled the unit and switch it on for the first time, and make sure you can switch it off from a distance.


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