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Piece of headphone jack stuck in my ZTE Groove is muting sound, help!

The headphone jack snapped in half, leaving the other half in the phone. When trying to remove it, it's moved deeper in. Now I have to play with it to hear. This is the only way I can hear or talk on my phone. Help me get it out.

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Karen, try to get a hold of the part that is broken off with a small set of "alligator hemostats", fancy word for fancy tweezers. I use mine to pull out all kinds of stuff :-) If you do not have any or can't get those, you might want to consider using a piece of round stock smaller then the 3.5mm jack part (like a paper clip) and put some crazy glue (or other really sticky, fast curing substance)on the end. Then you insert it into the jack and hold it tightly against the broken part. Place the phone so that the head phone jack is vertical pointing downward. That way if you have any glue dripping it will not drip into the jack. After it set, gently try and remove it and it should, or could pull out the broken part. I know this sounds really weird, but worked for me a couple of times. Not much to lose at this time....good luck

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BE CAREFUL if you try the glue... :-) Use as little as possible.

I've used dentists tools and a strong magnifying glass to get these stubs out of headphone jacks. Hopefully you have some little remnant you can grab onto.

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