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1,4GHz oder 1,6GHz Prozessor, 64 GB oder 128 GB SSD.

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Dead Power button after spill

does anyone know where the power pads are on a 2010 macbook air 11

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You want to be sure your book is really dry (days not minutes or hours) before you try anything like that. Force starting a wet board can kill it.


its compleatly dried i cleaned it 2 days ago thats why i am tring to see if this will work?


Just thought I would let u know u we're wrong I cleaned the computer as I have done with several and touched power pads for this computer and keyboard is fully working, may not always be the case but sorry ur wasting money replacing top cases when they might not need it. Cheers!


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High MacHead! U remeber Nr.5 from 'Short Curcuit' ? Thats vott happened to ur ' spill victim'. Usually u turn the victim upside-down, sit it on a towl for ~hours, then put it in a plasticbag filled with a melange of salt an rice & let it rest for at least 3 days. Then u can assume, its nearly dry!

I've treated several 'spill-kills' , none came away without a new topcase 'and' a new mainboard!

In ur case, i'd say:' No backup, no mercy' ! Good luck anyway; let me know when I was wrong.

Cheers Alex

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