The Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx is a version of the Droid Razr carrying a higher capacity 3,300mAH battery.

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access internal storage when device won't power on

My droid RAZR Maxx won't power on and I'd like to recover photos and other data saved on internal storage. Is this possible if I open up the phone? Please instruct.

Thank you.

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Robin Zimmerman, your phone stores all that information on a hardwired memory IC. This memory can only be accessed by using a special NAND IC reader. There is no simple way of recovering that information. There are companies out there that do have that equipment, but it is very costly to get it done. Personally I would try to fix the phone to recover the information.

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I would love to fix. Can you direct me? Verizon will simply replace but this isn't ideal. Also can you suggest a company that may recover so I may price?


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Any luck Robin? I am facing the same problem.

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