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Zweite Generation des WiFi iPads, erschienen am 11. März 2011. Modell Nummer A1395. Reparatur ist schwierig und verlangt Hitzezufuhr.

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black screen after glass and wifi antenna replacement

I replace the glass on my Ipad 2 and it was working great but not wifi. Come to find out I cut the wire for the wifi ordered the part replaced it and now I am getting a black screen. I can barely make out the wallpaper I have on there. I have gone over everything 3 times and still can't find out what went wrong. Can someone help me please

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There is a couple different things you can try from here.

First lets do the easy one;

Hold down the power button and the home button at the same time while the iPad is on. Allow it to reset and you will see an apple appear as though it has restarted. Release the buttons and hopefully this will fix your display problems.


Unfortunately you may have to open your iPad if the first fix did not work. Carefully re-open the ipad and ensure that all display cables are seated properly and are not being pinched or coming loose when reattaching the glass. Repeat fix one. I know this is a pain, but if the first and second fixes dont work, we will go on to fix 3.


If none of the above helps, its time to replace your display. =(

Good luck!


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Thank you it worked when i reset it and now i can stick the top glass on...I haven't totally attach the glass yet until everything was working right


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Hi I did have the same problem and when I reset the computer, the Picture came :.)

I still have to attach the glas but the touch is not working. Can any one help me?



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