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Das erste iPhone Modell, A1203, mit 4,8 oder 19 GB Kapazität und einer Aluminium-Rückschale. Bei der Reparatur muss gehebelt und möglicherweise auch gelötet werden.

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Searching for parts for my broken screen

My wife had recently dropped her old IPhone 1st Gen. for the 40th time. After completing her missing she turned to me for help fixing her shattered screen. Being that I love to tear down devices I agreed to fix it. After realizing that glue and tape didnt help I started to search for a replacement screen. You are my first to go to, I love to use your app on my IPad and figured I would give you guys something else to do. Could you please direct me in the safest way to my goal besides using paper clips and bubble gum to fix the screen. Thank you and forgive my grammer.

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Brandon Luna, the assembly is getting really expensive due to the fact that the phone " is old" anyhow, it is still available at places like this and here as well. Not cheap :-) anyhow, follow this guide to work on your phone. Hope this helps, good luck and welcome to ifixit.

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You can also get the part from here, but it's out of stock right now. Hope this can give you for reference anyway.

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