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How To Remove HP Envy dv4t-5300 Hard Drive


I bought a new HP dv4t-5300 notebook computer. I slid the bottom plate off to find the hard drive. I would like to take the hard drive out and replace it with an SSD. I cannot figure out to get the hard drive out. The hard drive is right there visible just like a dv6t but I don't see any screws like usually to just unscrew and remove the drive.

I also can't find any information on HP's website or forums and their tech support that I spoke to didn't know either.

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Robert, download the maintenance manual from here. Page 45 shows how to do it. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you. I saw that manual before but I thought it was for the wrong computer. It looks like one of the screws is labeled as a keyboard screw so they must screw together or something weird, that's what confused me. Thank you!


You are welcome, best of luck to you. Thank you for accepting my answer.


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