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Up arrow key not working after cleaning


I have this Apple Aluminium Keyboard A1243. Some days ago i saw that these white keys are looking very pale. So i used a shiner / cleaner liquid, sprayed on the keyboard and cleaned it with the cloth.

The keyboard looked very clean but then many keys stopped working. So i unplugged it and placed it at side for drying and started to use a Dell keyboard. After some hours only "K" and "Up arrow" keys were not working. Then next day i plugged it in and it was like K is being pressed and in any text area "kkkkkkkk...." would appear and after sometime it started to work normally.

But its been a week now almost and the UP Arrow key doesnt works. i have tried to remove the key and checked beneath there, nothing unusual there.

Any ideas?

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Your in bit of a pickle here ;-{ As NDJenny said you need to dampen the micro-cloth with a mild cleaner like Fantastic for sure nothing with grit or a polish as they leave a grit or a film.

You appear to have gotten the cleaner inside the keyboard. Now the issue is how deep and if you can clean it out (hopefully it hasn't caused any corrosion or other damage).

The key caps can be pulled off (snap-on), otherwise taking the keyboard apart will be risky as it's glued together.

Try taking the keys off (the key in question and the surrounding keys) and using a non-lubracating electronics cleaner spray (alcohol type) try a small blast to try cleaning any residue that could be left and drying it out. Make sure to tilt the keyboard so the junk doesn't wash over the other key areas. - Good Luck!

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I know that is not really a answer to your question but i recommend to use a barely wet cloth to gently remove dirt from the keyboard, only water no cleaners or other fancy stuff.

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I used a detol wipe to clean my keyboard and now the full thing doesn't work.

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