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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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PowerBook Al 1GHz - 4 Beeps at Startup

received today a AL Book

seller said that it beeps 3 times, but unfortunately - it beeps 4 times (light flashes 5 times) - so the boot rom should be faulty

is there any way to fix this problem?

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The boot rom is not on the hard drive but in a flash memory module on the logic board (just like the integrated memory modules). The boot rom is an instruction set that the computer use before loading the OS. I think the boot rom can only be modified by a firmware update.

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thanks for the reply the problem would be, that there is no firmware update listed (or i'm to blind to find it)

was there a ASD for the 1ghz or was the ASD starting at the 1,33 (but then would the ver. # 2.5.7 would not make much sense) - a simple yes or no answer to this particular question would be enough


If the boot room module itself is faulty I think that means a logic board replacement. If the boot rom image is corrupted maybe it can be reflashed but I really don't know (Google search..). Also the boot rom module might be physically replaced by a working one (salvaged from a dead board) again I don't know if it can be done....Sorry


ok thanks,

i will try something with the ASD, also found some firmware images - but first i will read a little bit more about that - in the morning, it's almost 12:38 am - bedtime ;-)


to "close" this question: i sold the powerbook - the buyer has a good logicboard for the beautiful case (no scratches or something else) - well, some things can not easily fixed - the only way would have been an otherwise toasted board, swapping the chips would have been the easiest way to fix it


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Here's Apple explanation of the different startup beeps: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1547

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Good info + Ralph


right, but can the 4 beep problem be fixed ?


First thing I would do is zero out the hard drive to eliminate boot block problems


I replaced the hdd - same beeping

there is nothing on the screen, wont boot from the setup disk (optical drive is ok, took one of my spare drives)


What's your status on ASD issues? I have the 3S123 with updates 2005.06.07 & 08. Have anything to trade? Contact at mayer@door.net


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