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Fünfte Generation des iPhones. Die Reparatur dieses Geräts ist unkompliziert und mithilfe von Schraubendrehern, Hebelwerkzeugen und Geduld zu machen. GSM und CDMA mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB in schwarz oder weiß.

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iPhone EXPERTS - NO Life on phone

Been doing iPhone repair for 4+ years...never seen this, especially on a 4S.

Phone is completely dead. Plugged into wall, computer, Nothing. Swapped battery, nothing. Swapped charge port. Nothing.

No water damage, VERY clean hardly any scratching at all.


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What is the voltage on the battery contacts when you plug it into an AC power source?


Don't know. I'll have to grab a voltage meter. What should it be?

So plug the phone in to AC source and touch the battery contacts on the logic board?


That is the way I would proceed. the voltage should be somewhere in the 3.6V range. Remember it is the outermost left and right contact.


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Maybe the mother board is shot. There must be sum thing amiss on the board solder joints (etc)

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I've seen an GSM iPhone 4 do this once before. Customer had it plugged in to charge....Came back a couple hours later and it was off. Wouldn't turn on, iTunes wouldn't recognize, new battery and charge dock did not help....After awhile I stopped trying to get it to work and moved on. Later I was going to put a working board into that frame because of a bent frame I couldn't get straight and the working board wouldn't turn on. I put the board I couldn't get to turn on into the bent frame and it booted right up. It was something in the frame of the phone that wouldn't allow it to turn on. Never did figure out what exactly but if you have another 4s phone sitting around. Try putting the motherboard into that frame and see if it kicks on.

Might be a similar issue to what I had.

Hope this helps!

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