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MacBook Pro 2.5 intel don't start

Hi everybody there.

This is my first post here.

Im very sorry about my level of english.

Thisis the question:

I turned off my lapton without problems and 10% battery power without problems and when i tryed to turned on again about 1 hour later, my laptop couldnt start.


I uploaded a video.

Could someone help me?¿

Thanks everybody in advance.

Cheers from Spain

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Hi! Your English is great! Thanks for the video!

In addition to resetting the PMU/SMC as you have done, I would try resetting the PRAM, i.e. hold down option-Apple-p-r as you power on the machine. The screen should stay black, and it should make the chime sound after about 10 seconds.

I would also remove the battery, do the resets again, and see if that makes a difference.

I would test the memory and memory slots by removing one module (so that there is only one left, then doing the resets again, and then moving the module to the other slot (so the first slot is empty), and doing the resets again.

I would shine a flashlight through the Apple symbol from the back of the screen. If you see a faint image, you're probably dealing with a backlight issue. I would also connect the machine to an external display...if you get an image on the external display, that confirms the laptop is mostly functional and you probably have an issue with one of the screen components. If you don't get an external image at all, it's more likely be a logic board or DC-in issue.

Let us know how it goes!

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Hi dude there.

i reseted smc before post about 8 or 9 times lol andalso checked the memory, but i didnt reset smc after remove memory modules.

ill do right now.

a simple question.

Maybe the sata pic conector accidentally unpluged?

because the only sound that laptop makes is the dvd when it starts.

no more sounds, no fan, no hd sound, no init sound.


thnks again


also try another AC adapter ( MagSafe 85 watts ). Who knows...


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I guess is the MacBook Pro fail.

nvidia chipset

does anybody know if i can replace it or i have to eplace all the motherboard??

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i carried to the service.

i leave this link if it could help someone

cheers :)


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