Error -1 on itunes after fall damage

I have a iphone 4 with a restoring problem

My friend had broken mine iphone 4 completely, it had a broken front screen and back..

So he decided to repair this phone in a repair shop..

The iphone had a itunes logo with usb cable popping up after the front screen and back was repaired... before the glass was broken the iphone worked fine..

So i tried to restore the iphone but on the end of the software restoring, when it has to complete the restoring, i get a error code -1 from itunes.

I have searched for this problem on internet but there is no answer or something. The only thing i know is that the error code -1 means that the iphone needs service.. I tried new battery, new dock connector and tried to restore that way but no luck.

Does anyone had this before ?

is my iphone dead ?

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