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iPhone 3G won't charge with either the usb cable or wall charger.

Hi guys. got an old iphone 3g. Battery went empty. Doing the power and home button reset won't work. It won't charge anymore using either the usb cable or the wall charger. How do I revive the battery manually? I found a couple of hints online about manually removing the battery from the phone. Then using an old usb cable (red and black wires and hook it up on the battery. Is that a good idea or not? If it's a good idea, how do I know where the positive and negative terminals are on the iphone 3g battery?

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Wolverene, first here are the connections:

1 Batt VCC (+)


3 Batt Temp


second, no it's not a good idea. You can easily overcharge your battery which in itself can lead to failure, fire, and explosion. The battery is a smart battery and does a bit more than just store energy. There are feedback circuits that are necessary for a proper charging. Take another look at your phone. Check the dock connector, make sure there is no dirt, corrosion or bend pins. Clean it with some isopropyl alcohol and a few puffs of compressed air. If that is okay as well, you may need to take a look at the fuses and see if they are okay. Worst case scenario, it is your PMIC. Hope this helps, good luck.

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@oldturkey03, thanks. Yes, I only intended to charge this directly for about 15 to 30 minutes just so I can get enough power from it to test it on the unit. if it works and the iphone powers up. then I can charge it thru normal means. unless the board is toast, then that's entirely a different story. thanks for the input. learned alot from you and the site. cheers.


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hello, as described, put 5v from usb directly 2 iphone battery is not a god idea yayaya, due to voltage and current total different.

the battery schematics up is wrong, in fact the polarity is inverted. 1st pin is vcc and the 4th is GND. the 2 and 3 pins are correct.

now, for check if battery works, try 2 charge as standard nokia bl5C battery.

connect the right polarity to a standard nokia phone, then put a 5k resistor between the 2nd and 3rd pin of iphone battery, then connect the 3rd pin to central pin of nokia's mobile.

connect the phone into a wall charger and see what happens.

good work.

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Martino Semprini, you are absolutely right about the connections. Corrections have been made. Thank you for the clarification.


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