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Keyboard replaced but power button not working!

Hey guys, a few months ago I spilt liquid on my beloved macbook, I took it apart and cleaned it and it worked again although the keyboard wasn't working properly. I plugged in a usb keyboard and it worked fine.

Here's the problem...The power button was working fine and would boot up my mac whenever pressed. I've just got around to replacing the keyboard and it that works, however now my power button now isn't working!! I have to remove the bottom cover, disconnect the battery and reconnect it again for it to boot up.

Any ideas on where to go from here to resolve the issue would be greatly appreciated - Thank you!


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Since the power button is connected to the keyboard, you may have not installed it correctly. It sounds like you may be shorting out the button, or its getting pressed down, but then not coming back to the up position. I would look at take the MBP apart and making sure the button is positioned and installed correctly.

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Thanks for your reply flogo. I have checked whether the button is installed properly and it seems to be, also I can feel and hear the button 'popping' back into position so I presume that isn't the issue. When I opened my mac back up and unscrewed the button again I noticed a small silver washer placed between the button attached to the keyboard and the button on the main unibody, I removed it and tried again but no joy so I put it back, would this have anything to do with it do you think? Also how can I tell if I am shorting out the button?

The button on the new keyboard could be faulty I guess! Thanks again for your help its much appreciated.


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I have problem of macbook pro A1286 model 2008

Problem is

power button is not working

Power on with f5 key

Back lit also working

Everything fine with external keyboard

Keyboard does not work. Some key of top row works. but other does not work properly. shall I need to replace or resetting problem ?

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