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My asus is connected to the internet but won't let me browse

My laptop says it's connected but when I try to browse it says server not found.... What do I do?

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Is it the first time you try to connect to that network?


lets try to see if your getting anything out onto the internet. go to run type "CMD", black window will appear and type "ping www.google.com"

if you get reply and all 4 pings sent and received back then your good but if all lost there is a problem. let us know.


Click on Start Button

Go to My Computer and right click on it

Go to manage and then select device manager

Here you can see "Network Adapter" something click on it.

Now click on update driver and select online update it will download driver and you will connect your wifi internet.


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Quite Easy - Just Follow These Steps see if this Works Out For You -

  1. Restart Your Laptop Along with Your Wifi Router .
  2. update the wireless adapter Of Your computer and check for firmware Update On Your router as well.
  3. check for Windows Update and Antivirus Software For Updates
  4. make sure you have the correct date and time on Your computer

if Nothing Works Out i strongly Recommend Contacting Asus Customer service

i hope this Get you Going. Comment Below if you need any other help with it

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It seems like some registry or browser malfunctioning because last time I faced the same problem in windows XP and had to re-install windows after trying each and everything. However you can do following tries:

Run ATF-Cleaner and CCcleaner, free sharewares available on internet for download, in your system for broken registry links , clearing cache and temporary internet files etc.

If not the you can also try by performing system restore that might can help otherwise in worse case you can re-install your OS to make it trouble free. Good Luck

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Use these steps to connect the internet with browser:

a) Connect your device with the laptop by using USB cable

b) Go to the setting and tap for more setting and write username and password

c) Choose the version of computer and tap to the next

Contact asus support number to get best support service related to the asus products

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My Asus laptop shows I am connect to the internet but will let me browse

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