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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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After gone underwater ...


Yesterday evening, my iPod fell into water. I immediately took it back and left it to dry. It was past midnight. This morning, it could still boot, be charged and play music but the screen wouldn't light up. As a consequence, I decided to open the rear box. Now, the clickable wheel desn't respond anymore, neither the center button. What did I do wrong ? What should I do for it to work again ?

Thanks in advance for your answers and have a nice day =)

[EDIT] I put some pics :

Block Image

Block Image

As a consequence I do think i broke the wheel's connector :/ (I know, i damaged the outside, but I don't care unless you don't see it that much.)

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I don’t think your iPod will work again. Even if you take it back to the apple shop they wont touch it if its water damaged.Its time to get a new one...

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