Is it the battery or the screen?

hey everyone,

thanks for the help on my last question.

well about a week ago my screen began to not work properly. it was completely acting stupid. i would push an app and the screen would open another app like i tapped that one instead. it wouldnt slide all the way so i could unlock it!!! and lets say im looking at my artists and i would press to look at my albums it would go back my artists without me pressing it!

anyways i thought it was my screen/digitizer no biggie. then one day all of a sudden the screen just went to the apple symbol/logo just like when you turn on your ipod and it stayed like that. so now if i plug it to charge it just shows that my device needs to be charged or it stays at the apple logo and thats it.

do you think its just the screen or the battery? please help me and give me your answers

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