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iPhone 4 motherboard is chipped on top and WIFI is grey.


I was wondering if there is a way to repair the part of the motherboard on Iphone 4 that is responsible for the WIFI (and may be the bluetooth too).

There are two "pins" on the top side of the Iphone 4 motherboard, the right one is supposedly the one responsible for WIFI, i have an Iphone that is in perfect condition, but that part is broken.

Is it fixable?



i found someone with a wifi problem on ifixit, he assumed it was because of missing screw holes. but he has the same broken "horn" on the motherboard. Here is the picture:

Block Image

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If the wifi is greyed out I'm not sure if there is a permanent fix for this


how so?, is it something mysterious involving aliens?

there should be a fix for a problem as simple as this


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Mo Ne, take a look at your complete board. It does not appear as if there are any traces that are interrupted, but it is possible that the component SP1_RF is interrupted. It would help if you have a picture of both sides of your board. SP1_RF is SPRING-UPPER-ANT-N90 and directly involved in your WLAN/BLUETOOTH/FM RADIO circuit. You could try an run a jumper to the component as shown in the schematic. A broken multilayer logic board is never a simple fix. Hope this helps, good luck

Block Image

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That made me optimistic, thank you! i hoped to get a technical answer like that. Unfortunately i am not really up to doing that kinda stuff because I only got up to disassembling and assembling, but I found a good repair shop, and the guy said something that sounded really close to what you were saying.

I will update when it's fixed (hopefully)

thanks again


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Connect the top RF test connector to the top bezel bypasses the contact pad. But greyed out wifi always means dead or loose wifi chip. Bypassing alone would not help

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Hi there

Could you explaine what do you mean by RF test connector and the bezel , am new to this technical terms , but I have the same problem. ( broken connector pad)

Please help

Thanks in advance


Hi, can you please explain how to do this, i broke tip, but it does detecgt wifi, but only if you stand near router. Thanks


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