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What parts from lower case are required for MacBook to work?

I am handy with wood, but not so much with logic boards. My MacBook works fine but the plastic exterior is crappy and I thought I'd replace it with wood--after all, I am going to use it in my wood shop.

Now that it is completely disassembled I notice that the portion of the lowercase that sits under the logic board is metal, insulated in some places, but exposed in others--especially where the screws hold the board in. Does this metal serve a purpose? That is, does it conduct electricity? How about the metal brackets around the various ports (firewire, usb, headphones)?

If I screw everything down onto a pice of wood without this metal, will it work?

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Yes the frame is part of the circuit... like the frame on your car. . . some things ground to it... others should not (hence the tape).... If you fit the frame into your wooden case you'll be fine. The ports trough the case don't ground to plastic... but some of them do to the frame.

Will it look "Cherry" or some other material?

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