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Is a PATA SSD upgrade possible?

Thanks to the guys at tonymacx86 for pointing me to this site. This is a godsend! I have to resolve my "black screen/no external display" issue first of all, but thought since I'm opening this puppy up anyway, can I upgrade to a PATA SSD? Is it even worth considering? I'll order some tools and a gig of PC2700 in the mean time.

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Are you sure you want to do this?

Between your systems age and running such an old OS (doesn't support TRIM services) it might be better to save up for a newer system.

Besides 128 GB or even the 32 GB (if that is what it is) is such a small size to be that useful Vs a PATA 500 GB HD for about the same money.

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You're right Dan, I'm not at all sure I want to do this. Thanks for the perspective. Best to just get my screen working first and go from there.


Yes, thats the wise direction for now ;-} Don't tell anyone, I still have my old iBook just so I can run the OS-9 stuff I still have. Last year I replaced the HD to give it new life for another few more years. Good Luck!


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You can install this into the iBook, it's an IDE SSD and should work like a charm.

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Thanks Gabe! Now, to find out about my display...


Too bad the picture in that amazon link shows a 128GB SSD when it's actually a 32BG model :-(


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