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The Canon EOS Rebel G is a consumer-level 135 film single-lens reflex camera.

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Battery compartment cover hinge broken

I dont know if any body can suggest how I can fix my Canon Film Camera Model Canon 500n film bought in around 1999 This is also known as Rebel in some countries, My problem is with the battery compartment hinge which is just plastic part and has snapped off .The canon UK said that they no longer supply spare parts for that camera. Is there a safe way to join two pieces of plastic that will last some time? or does any one have other suggestions?

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Hi sudarshan,

You might be able to fix it by using a superglue. But this might only be a temporary solution.

I am not sure if it's worth ordering a used camera, like here.

Here you even get the entire camera body for £10.00.

I hope this helps.


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