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2,5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,1 GHz) mit 3 MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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Adding bigger SSD

Hi there,

I was just reading the article 'Adding bigger SSD in Macbook Pro 13 inch Retina (late 2012)'

see: http://tinyurl.com/kmq8ozq

On the Apple site it says that bigger SSD's are available, but when I called my dealer, he said that that is NOT exactly the case.

He said that you can only choose SSD capacity (128GB of 256GB) you want AT PURCHASING time, so NOT afterwards retrofitting..


Then I learned that the SSD space in the MBP 13'' ALSO will fit a (max) 7mm height standard SSD, but that tHE problem is: the connector-cable between 3.5inch SSD and logic board.

It's hard to find full SSD's that have that new bus connector cable that will match the (new) connector on the MBP 13" Retina Logic Board...

OWC sells a SSD kit, max 480, but I need more capacity.

Can someone elaborate on the new type of SATA HD connector that is on the Logic Board of the Macbook Pro 13 inch, and where to get suitable (full size) SSD drives that have connectors that fit on the MBP 13" Logic Board?

Would be great to hear from you!!



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Robbert -

Apple via its' stores only sell the unit one of two ways as you have noted. And they don't upgrade afterwards (in truth they sell two versions - not a service upgrade).

That's the bad news!

The Good news is others offer after sale upgrades for the SSD. And it's not that hard if you have the correct tools to do it. iFixIt offers the needed tools if you think your up to it.

Here's one source Other World Computing they offer 240 & 480GB SSD's that are compatible with your system. There are other suppliers as well. Presently OWC offers the largest SSD that fits.

As to SATA your system does not offer it as such a mini SATA drive will not work in your system. Yes, it appears Apple was thinking of offering something in the space as it is much larger than what the SSD currently uses. It was thought Apple was looking at the super slim HD's the both Seagate & Western Digital announced in the spring. Even still the I/O connection currently used by the SSD is propriety to Apple (not SATA). So this could be a feature in a future version of the series.

You problem of not having enough space internally is not new. External HD's are the only option available for you.

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